Our Program Structure

The Indian Banking industry, rather the entire BFSI sector has evolved over the decades. There is literally a metamorphosis that has happened in the banking industry in specific. This process of continuous change is on. The entire payment system has become almost digital, and so is the case with the assets and liability products. Most of the processes are becoming online. The convergence of banking and technology has brought tremendous convenience and lightning speed in the customer service space

Now, the customer is looking for a financial solution rather than a specific product. Banks have become financial supermarkets. They are providing banking services, financial services, mutual funds and insurance.

As a result, the current need of the banking industry is to have trained professionals in the areas of the entire range of financial solutions coupled with technical skills.

Our flagship Post Graduate Certificate in Retail Banking (PGCRB) program is designed to prepare recent graduates and postgraduates to become "Accomplished Bankers" by putting them through a comprehensive 300-hour training program delivered and mentored by ex-bankers with specialized knowledge in this field.

PGCRB gives students hands-on exposure - how to get new customers and to retain them. It provides a thorough understanding of the banking system's operations, products, and procedures. The program is full of role plays, case studies, and problem-solving techniques. Throughout the learning process, our highly qualified and skilled faculty serve as mentors.

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Objectives of the Program


How to do business development.


To bring excellence in customer service.


Do transaction processing lightning fast.


Perform flawless banking operations.

Retail Banking Learning Outcome

  • After successful completion of this PGCRB program, the trainees will be truly the “Budding Bankers” i.e. they will be productive from day one, once they join a private bank.

Speciality of Our Retail Budding Bankers Program

  • Trainers are Ex-Bankers
  • Case Studies
  • NISM Certification (Mutual Fund)
  • HR Workshops - Interview Preparation and Mock Interviews
  • Campus Recruitment Training (CRT)

Eligibility Criteria



120 Days


Target Audience

Graduates and Post-Graduates who desire to work in the banking sector. Candidates who are currently employed and seeking to advance their careers in the BFSI industry



Minimum 50% in the Graduation/Post-Graduation from a recognised university by UGC.


Age Criteria

Maximum 28 Yrs

Comprehensive Modules

  • Introduction To Bank
  • Retail Banking
  • Details Of Retail Banking Product
  • NRI Accounts
  • Remittance Facilities In Banks
  • Types Of Customers In Banks
  • Banker Customer Relationship
  • Alternate Channels In Banking
  • 360 Degree Approach Of Retail Banking
  • Impact Of Bank On Economy

  • Introduction To Third-Party Products
  • Types Of Third Party Products
  • Introduction To Insurance
  • Introduction To Life Insurance
  • Types Of Life Insurance Products
  • Choosing The Right Policy
  • Regulations & Scope Of LI
  • Unit Linked Insurance Product
  • Non-Life Insurance Products
  • Introduction To Mutual Funds
  • Demat Accounts
  • PPF, SSS & Other Gov. Business

Compliance & Regulations
  • Regulatory Framework
  • Reserve Bank Of India
  • KYC_Other Compliances
  • BR Act 1949
  • FEMA Regulations
  • SEBI_Securities Regulations
  • IRDAI_Insurance Relations
  • PFRDA_Pension Regulations
Important Acts
  • Indian Contract Act
  • Negotiable Instruments - 1
  • Negotiable Instruments - 2
  • Negotiable Instruments - 3
  • Power Of Attorney Act
  • Know Your Customer's Guidelines
  • Prevention Of Money Laundering Act
  • Audit_Compliance To Regulators
  • Integrated Ombudsman

Introduction To Sales In Banking
  • Introduction To Sales In Banking - 1
  • Introduction To Sales In Banking - 2
  • Introduction To Sales In Banking - 3
  • Introduction To Sales In Banking - 4
  • Introduction To Sales In Banking - 5
  • Introduction To Sales In Banking - 6
  • Introduction To Sales In Banking - 7
Sales Cycle In Banking
  • Sales Cycle In Banking In India - 1
  • Sales Cycle In Banking In India - 2
  • Sales Cycle In Banking In India - 3
  • Sales Cycle In Banking In India - 4
  • Sales Cycle In Banking In India - 5
  • Sales Cycle In Banking In India - 6
  • Sales Cycle In Banking In India - 7
  • Sales Cycle In Banking In India - 8
  • Sales Cycle In Banking In India - 9
  • Sales Cycle In Banking In India - 10
Relationship Management
  • Relationship Management - 1
  • Relationship Management - 2
  • Relationship Management - 3
  • Relationship Management - 4
  • Relationship Management - 5
  • Relationship Management - 6
  • Relationship Management - 7
CRM In Banking
  • CRM - 1
  • CRM - 2
  • CRM - 3
  • CRM - 4
  • CRM - 5
  • CRM - 6

Soft Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Time Management Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Sales Skills
  • Ethics_Integrity
Communication Skills
  • Importance Of Communication
  • Verbal Communication
  • Written Communication
  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • Inter-Personal Communication
  • Usage Of Technology
  • Cultural Communication
Professional Skills
  • Importance Of Professional Skills
  • Product Knowledge
  • Technology

NISM Module 5A Certificate

  • Every bank deals in mutual funds and they give mutual funds as a product to their customer.
  • It is mandatory for banks to have NISM Module 5A certified professionals with them.
  • To fulfil this mandate we are getting our trainees NISM certified in this module.


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