Our Program Structure

Retail Credit is rapidly expanding. The core businesses of universal banks/ NBFCs include retail lending, such as micro-loans, consumer loans, vehicle loans, housing loans, farm equipment loans, and others, as well as leasing and hire-purchase transactions.

The growth of retail credit creates job opportunities in banking and related industries fuels the economy. The Retail Credit Officers program is a specialized initiative designed to meet the specific needs of the banks/ NBFC sector.

This is an intensive and rigorous training program to cater for the needs of banks/ NBFCs. Our trainers have extensive knowledge and significant experience in this field of expertise. Our approach combines pre-reading lessons, classroom training, online sessions, and case studies.

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Aim of the program


To provide skilled credit officers for banks/ NBFCs.


Trainees will get inputs in the areas of pre-sanctioned surveys to the sanctioning process, credit documentation, disbursement and post-disbursement recovery and collection of repayments.

Retail Banking Learning Outcome

  • Understanding of banks/ NBFCs operations: Learners will gain knowledge about the banks/ NBFCs including its function in banking and financial services and its key products and services.
  • Knowledge of financial products and services: Learners are going to acquire knowledge of the numerous financial services and products provided by non-banking financial firms, such as loans, leases, and hire-purchase agreements.
  • Credit analysis and risk management: Trainees will gain an understanding of credit analysis, risk management, and loan assessment methods utilized by banks/ NBFCs.
  • Sales and Relationship Management: After completion of this program, the trainees will be able to master the art of sales and relationship management.
  • Customer service abilities: Effective communication and customer service techniques are other skills being imparted during this program.
  • Career development: Banking aspirants will be equipped for entry-level positions of retail credit in banks/ NBFCs.

Speciality of Our Retail Budding Bankers Program

  • Trainers are Ex-BFSI Professionals
  • Case Studies
  • Sales & Relationship Management
  • Professional skills
  • A to Z Online Process of Retail Credit:
    • Application
    • Pre-Sanction Survey
    • Income Assessment
    • Credit Appraisal
    • Sanction of Loan
    • Disbursement of Loan
    • Collection Process
    • Recovery of Loans
  • HR Workshops:
    • Interview Preparations
    • Mock Interview Sessions
    • Campus Recruitment Training (CRT)

Eligibility Criteria



90 Days


Target Audience

Graduates and Post-Graduates who desire to work in the banking sector. Candidates who are currently employed and seeking to advance their careers in the BFSI industry



Eligibility- Minimum 50% in the Graduation/Post-Graduation from a recognised university by UGC.


Age Criteria

Maximum 30 Yrs

Comprehensive Modules

  • Regulatory Framework
  • RBI Guidelines
  • Statutory Requirement
  • Prudential Norms
  • Importance of NBFCs
  • Future of NBFCs in India

  • Introduction to basics of lending
  • Important terminologies related to lending
  • Target group for retail credit
  • Income assessment
  • Pre sanction survey
  • Collection of documents
  • Sanction of a loan
  • Disbursement
  • Post disbursement recovery
  • NPA
  • Online platform for loan processing

  • Landscape of housing finance
  • Real estate regulatory authority (rera)
  • Types of housing loans
  • Disbursement of home loan
  • Key concepts pertaining to housing loans
  • Rate of interest
  • Repayment options
  • In principle sanction
  • Pradhan mantri awas yojana- pmay
  • Advantages of lap
  • Target group for lap
  • Lease rental discounting (LRD)

  • Landscape of micro-loan & micro-finance
  • Regulation of micro-loan & micro-finance
  • Significance of micro-loans
  • Disbursement of home loan
  • Micro-finance models in india
  • Types of micro-loans
  • Risk & challenges in micro-finance
  • Impact of micro-loan & micro-finance

  • Landscape of farm equipment loans
  • Significance of farm equipment loans
  • Types of farm equipment loans
  • Documentation
  • Loan process
  • Risk & challenges in farm equipment loans
  • Impact of farm equipment loans

  • Landscape of business loan
  • Significance of business loan
  • Types of business loan
  • Documentation of business loan
  • Impact of business loan

  • Landscape of consumer loan
  • Regulation of consumer loan
  • Significance of consumer loan
  • Types of consumer loan
  • Important products consumer loan
  • Documentation of consumer loan
  • Risk & challenges in consumer loan
  • Impact of consumer loan

  • Landscape of gold loan
  • Regulation of gold loan
  • Significance of gold loan
  • Types of gold loan
  • Important products gold loan
  • Documentation of gold loan
  • Risk & challenges in gold loan
  • Impact of gold loan

  • Landscape of vehicle loan
  • Regulation of vehicle loan
  • Significance of vehicle loan
  • Types of vehicle loan
  • Important products vehicle loan
  • Documentation of vehicle loan
  • Risk & challenges in vehicle loan
  • Impact of vehicle loan


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