Our Program Structure

Non-Banking Financial Companies offer various financial services but do not accept public deposits like current & savings accounts i.e. demand deposits. The Non-Banking Financial Companies industry has become a significant and rapidly expanding part of India's economy. Their core businesses include lending, such as micro-loans, consumer loans, vehicle loans, housing loans, farm equipment loans, and others, as well as leasing and hire-purchase transactions.

Additionally, the growth of the Non-Banking Financial Companies sector creates job opportunities in finance and related industries, further supporting the growth of the Indian economy. Moreover, the presence of Non-Banking Financial Companies leads to competition within the financial sector, promoting innovation and better customer services. Overall, NBFCs play a vital role in enhancing financial access, supporting economic growth, and creating job opportunities in India. There are over 11,000 registered Non-Banking Financial Companies in India.

The NBFC Credit Officers program is a specialized initiative designed to meet the specific needs of the Non-Banking Financial Company sector.

This is an intensive and rigorous training program to cater for the needs of Non-Banking Financial Companies. Our trainers possess extensive knowledge and have significant experience in their field of expertise.Our approach combines pre-reading lessons, classroom training, online sessions, and case studies.

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Aim of the program


The Post Graduate Certificate in Retail Credit Management attests to the fact that the candidates have the practical experience needed to ace the interview.


The knowledgeable staff designed a thorough training program that aids students in honing both their soft and hard skills.


This post-graduate certificate program in Retail Credit Management's primary objective is to retain a skilled workforce of banking professionals in India.

Retail Banking Learning Outcome

  • Understanding of Non-Banking Financial Companies' operations: Learners will gain knowledge about the Non-Banking Financial Company sector, including its function in banking and financial services and its key goods and services.
  • Knowledge of financial products and services: Learners are going to acquire knowledge of the numerous financial services and products provided by non-banking financial firms, such as loans, leases, and hire-purchase agreements.
  • Credit analysis and risk management: Students will gain an understanding of credit analysis, risk management, and loan assessment methods utilized by non-banking financial institutions.
  • Sales and Relationship Management: Graduates of the NBFC Credit Officers program will become successful sales and relationship management professionals with the skills necessary to successfully drive business growth and manage customer relationships.
  • Customer service abilities: Students will receive training in effective communication and customer service techniques to guarantee they can offer consumers high-quality services.
  • Career development: Banking aspirants will be equipped for entry-level positions in non-banking financial institutions and will have a basis for potential career advancement in the financial services sector.

Speciality of Our Retail Budding Bankers Program

  • Trainers are Ex-BFSI Professionals
  • Case Studies
  • Sales & Relationship Management
  • Professional skills
  • A to Z Online Process of Retail Credit:
    • Application
    • Pre-Sanction Survey
    • Income Assessment
    • Credit Appraisal
    • Sanction of Loan
    • Disbursement of Loan
    • Collection Process
    • Recovery of Loans
  • HR Workshops:
    • Interview Preparations
    • Mock Interview Sessions

Eligibility Criteria



75 Days


Who is this Course For?

Graduates and Post-Graduates who desire to work in the banking sector. Candidates who are currently employed and seeking to advance their careers in the BFSI industry



Minimum 50% in the Graduation/Post-Graduation

Application Software for Banking Operations

The modern banking landscape is fundamentally shaped by application software for banking operations (ASBO). It includes a variety of modules intended to automate essential banking procedures, speed up loan processing, improve customer relationship management, and control treasury operations.

The significance of ASBO is found in the broad range of effects it has on the BFSI industry. By minimizing manual duties, reducing errors, and ensuring the correctness of financial data, it considerably increases operational efficiency.

Additionally, ASBO's customer-centric features enable banks to offer individualized services, increasing client loyalty and satisfaction. Through tools for credit scoring and risk analysis, it also assists in risk management, thereby lowering the possibility of subpar loans. Another crucial role of ASBO is to ensure regulatory compliance, protecting banks from non-compliance fines.

Comprehensive Modules

  • Introduction to basics of lending
  • Important terminologies related to lending
  • Target group for retail credit
  • Income assessment
  • Pre sanction survey
  • Collection of documents
  • Sanction of a loan
  • Disbursement
  • Post disbursement recovery
  • NPA
  • Online platform for loan processing


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